3D Game Kit - Retargeting Extension

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3D Game Kit is a good starting point to learn Unity and to create your own game. However, the first problem you can encounter if you start using this asset is retargeting. More specifically the lack of quick option to retarget Ellen and the enemy characters to your own 3d model.

I made a tutorial back then to teach you how you can overcome this problem, but the videos were long and hard to follow sometimes. So I decided I make this extension that you can download and import to your project. 

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3D Game Kit - Retargeting Extension: This is a .unitypackage, import it into your 3D Game Kit project. It contains a reworked Ellen, Chomper and Spitter prefabs and two fixed scripts: EnemyController and PlayerController.

3D Game Kit - Retargeting Animation Meta: this .zip file contains metadata for Ellen model and animations. Importing this in the right way (see video), it will spare you quite a time.

Why not free?

I'm planning to make a whole bunch of other tutorials with the 3D Game Kit because I believe this asset is one of the best out there for beginners, and for prototyping too.

Making a tutorial is time-consuming. I have limited time each day to create. I need feedback to know it's worth the time.

The $1 definitely won't cover my expenses but will segment my audience in the way I need. By paying this nominal amount, you will basically say: 

"I'm not here for the free stuff, but I'm interested in your work and want to support you."


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3D Game Kit - Retargeting Extension

5 ratings
I want this!